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Many people believe that your twin spirit was created at the same time you were created, just as identical twin babies are created at the same time from the same source.

You and your twin spirit were given complimentary attributes, one of you more masculine and one more feminine yet each sharing the same spiritual beginning and unique identity. 

Your twin spirit exists apart from you yet is always connected with you on the spiritual level.

When each of you have learned the lessons you need and progress to an appropriate level of consciousness, you and your twin spirit will be reunited as a perfect match creating the most perfect union possible in all creation.

This reunion with your twin spirit will be based upon absolute unconditional love for each other.

The reunion of twin spirits is a very rare occurrence thus far on this planet, although it appears it may be happening with greater frequency since we entered the age of Aquarius.

Twin spirits can be male or female. They can be a man and woman who have found each other, or they can be of the same sex. Once we go through the transition of physical death, and our spirit leaves our physical form, the spirit lives on and earth gender becomes unimportant. Not everyone finds his or her twin spirit on earth. Perhaps their twin spirit was born in a tiny village in China while they are a cowboy in Texas. Or, perhaps one is 80 years old while the other is only 8 years of age. Spirits choose their physical life experience based on the lessons they need to learn. It appears that when both spirits have learned what they needed to learn, they will come together on the physical plane and find a life more creative, dynamic, and loving than they could have ever imagined.


Question: Been looking through your sight and think its wonderful. What's the main difference between soul mates and twin souls? Have twin souls shared many past lives together like soul mates? Also with all the stories you hear about twin souls is it more true than not that twin souls who have obstacles to being together overcome them and reunite stronger? Or do most regret the whole experience?

Answer: Thanks for looking at our site and writing. I hope soon to have more thorough information up, so keep checking back. Now, in answer to your questions. Soul mates are anyone with whom you have shared a life. We normally incarnate in "clusters" so that we have most of the same number of souls around us all the time. Occasionally, we will meet someone, male or female, whom we "know" immediately and get along with perfectly. It is so easy to be with them because you already know them. Those are the ones who have left your cluster for various reasons and incarnated in another small cluster. In your own cluster, your soul mates have been around you in some shape or form before. Perhaps, your current father was your brother or your current mother was your grandfather or favorite uncle. (We might choose to change our gender from lifetime to lifetime to learn different lessons. I have been regressed to multiple lifetimes, and was female in at least one of them.) Sometimes, your soul mate may have been more distant, like your nephew or cousin or even school teacher or pal at school. Soul mates know no gender or class or color. You know each other easily and if you have had a feud in the last lifetime, say as a father and an unruly, ungrateful son, that comes across into this lifetime with you. The trouble this time may be of a different nature, but you will still have troubles until you work them out completely. Soul mates have been together at many different times, as you mentioned.

It appears that twin souls, have never shared a past life since their initial separation from each other. They may be incarnated at the same time, looking for each other with one in Texas and the other tucked away in a remote village in India. The chances of them finding each other are slim, but not impossible. It is much easier to know your soul mates, since they are usually attracted to each other or born to the birth family. You may marry a soul mate, but it is not the same thing as marrying your twin spirit. Once twin spirits come together again, they will be together forever. If they decide to incarnate again after finding each other, they will make certain that it will be together. The stories I have heard, like you, of twin spirits having obstacles to overcome are partly true. Since twin spirits have been apart for probably ages, they have each taken on traits that may not be liked by the other partner. In that case, it would be the same as when biological twins are separated and find that while they are very similar, they also have differences due to their culture and environment. When twin spirits come together it is like being married to yourself. The compatible traits make it heaven on earth, but the less compatible traits can create a challenge. I have heard of a few cases where someone married what they called a twin spirit and after a few years got divorced. It appears that they may have been married to a soul mate but not to their twin spirit because common understanding appears to say that once you have met your twin spirit you will not be separated again. When obstacles are presented to twin spirits, they are much easier to resolve because there are two of you working as one. In answer to your question about regret, no, it does not appear that twin spirits who have found each other would ever regret the effort. Finding your twin spirit is the greatest blessing, the greatest gift that we can ever hope to receive. I hope this helps you find more clarity on this enchanting topic.



If you have any specific questions about twin spirits, feel free to send an e-mail to comptimes@aol.com with the subject line TWIN SPIRIT QUESTION.