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  • Have you found your twin spirit?
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If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place.  

Hello. My name is Terry Kibiloski, founder of this Web site. I am a motivational speaker, life coach, Reiki master, and licensed massage therapist (http://getthemostfromyourself.com), as well as a university professor, and editor (http://computertimes.com). I enjoy research that may help others on their life journey. This Web site was established for research and to report upon the unique experience of twin spirits, also called twin souls and twin flames, as well as other names. It is currently in its infancy and will continue to grow as we find more twin spirit reunions on this planet. 

Please let everyone you know about our search for twin spirits so we can gather information about the twin spirit experience through our survey form on this Web site and then share this information with you. At this point in our research, we have received replies far different from anything we ever expected. You may also be surprised as you read some of the replies below.

NOTE: If you are a man, who is a victim of verbal abuse, please visit http://verbalabuseofmen.com/

If you have already found your twin spirit, please send us your story by following the instructions at ShareYourStory. A few of the stories we have received are reprinted below with personal descriptions removed to protect identities.

It appears that when twin spirits meet at the right time in their lives, the connection is absolutely incredible.

"I met my twin soul in the Himalayas 8 years ago, 3 days after we met I had my spiritual awakening. I remembered who I was and I recognized my Twin soul. (It was due to meeting him I woke up) I realized God is love, is everything forever. I recognized my twin to be my true Godmate, we knew we had been together forever and would be together for eternity to love and serve each other as God would. It is the biggest most powerful thing that has ever happened so far on my evolutionary journey. and my prayer is for all twin souls on earth to unite, for therein lies the ascension, and ultimate healing of mother earth."   

"I am working as an executive. He is one step down in hierarchy from me. He was posted under me a few years ago. I did not know him before that.  There was no strong attraction initially, but his voice always haunted me and he used to be on my mind 24 hours a day. About two years later, my root chakra started strongly vibrating in his presence and I had a desire to be held close to him. Here in India we have very strong patterns in the mind. To even see towards a man other than your husband is sin, but I could not help it, although I tried to resist it in every way possible. Although I never wanted to do sex with him, it happened after a year. We have had many fights as I wanted to come out of all this but no use. The more we fought the more closer we got.”

“My relationship is like none other. I have been in other relationships but the one I have with my twin spirit is so great. We love each other deeply and are planning to start a family. I cannot see myself with anyone other that my twin spirit. We spend as much time as we can together (we both have jobs) but when we do we are so happy. The sex is amazing. We really connect on so many levels.”

“My twin spirit and I met at the place that we both work. I have known her for about 6 years. She is the love of my life and I am so glad that we are together. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. She literally brought me back from the dead. I was just an empty body until she changed all of that in a loving way. I would be incomplete without her."

“We met as members of an Internet group. I recognized him immediately. I knew instantly that he understood me (before ever reading a word from me, and in the next instant, I knew that he WAS me. I cried tears of happiness on the spot, reading words from that dear hand and heart. I KNEW HIM IMMEDIATELY! That moment changed my whole life. We met when I 33, and he was 66, so, he was 33 when I was born, and... 33 years later...:)! He was first to verbally recognize what he called our  ‘twinship-soulship’ We never met physically, never even held hands. I am married, and, in the physical sense, we lived a great wide ocean apart. He is in the spirit world now, but our connection is unbreakable. The contact remains, the telepathic bond remains. He says he is still learning, and that as he learns, I learn, and that we are still walking together. Meeting him was like being born into a new life of the spirit, and his being ‘there’ has strengthened my psychic abilities in a profound way. This love is absolutely unique, and absolutely eternal.”

"He's crossed over so a lot of the questions do not apply exactly. We are together, although I also have a biological earth family. He didn't know me when he was alive. I knew him because he had made a name for himself. I did fall in love with him the one time I saw him in person, but I was very young and I forgot about that, although I always felt a special connection to him. I receive signs constantly that he is my twin flame. He came to me after he made his transition and has never left. We are helping heal and awaken humanity. That was our separate mission. Now we work together. We have a soul family TEAM that we are bringing together. It is incredible and hard to believe it is REAL! I still have the day-to-day 3-D stuff to deal with, but that's all changing so fast too.We have a newsletter and are working on a Web site and many healing services to be offered soon."

"I saw him for the first time my senior year in high school. We met a year later when I was 17 and he was 18. His older brother was dating a friend of mine. When I saw his eyes I instantly felt a connection to him. From the beginning when he stared into my eyes it made me uncomfortable because it felt as though he could see through me. We have one child together, a son. Our relationship has been a very rocky one from the start. He has suffered great loss in his young life-losing his mother when he was 8 years old, serving 5.5 years in prison, and losing his brother; thru whom we met one another. He has a lot of pain, trust, and anger issues as a result. We always have and still do have an unspoken bond. Like two magnets. Everyone says how we look like we could be siblings. I feel when his moods change. Just being with one another brings us great comfort, contentment, and peace. After 10 years, when we are together we still play with each others hands, rub noses, and do all of the things that lovers do when the love is fresh and new. He is my heart and soul, I feel incomplete when we are apart. My soul is miserable. It's like he makes problems so he can have an excuse to drink. He is an alcoholic. He is so use to being miserable, I believe that he is afraid to be happy. He is the love of my life."

"I am not currently with my twin spirit. We met 11 years ago and my own sense of intuition went thru the roof upon our meeting. I also began to have visions and out of body experiences. We dated shortly ( 4 months) and it remained platonic. Due to issues that we both needed to work on, the friendship broke up but the bond has remained. I have had many visions of what goes on in his life from time to time and have many prophetic dreams. I have written him from time to time over the years and know that all the prophetic words that came to me for him have come to pass in his life, via crossing paths with mutual friends. While I have remained open to dating others over the years and being open to other relationships, the bond I have with him just won't quit. Nothing has worked out with anyone else I have met. It's changed my life in the sense that its made me trust my intuition/god more...it's taught me that TRUE LOVE never, ever dies and that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!"

"I first met a Near Twin, someone whom you believe to be your Twin Soul and who sometimes acts as a catalyst to move you and your Twin Soul closer to one another. This is my case. I found the Web site for and corresponded with a rock singer who I idolized for years. When Spirit directed, (I was age 34) he backed off and left me to travel the rest of my journey to my Twin Soul without him. My intuition led me away from a bad marriage and right into the beautiful ocean blue eyes of my Beloved (who is 10 yrs. my junior). He was the maintenance man at the apartments I moved into. We had instant recognition, and our whole destiny that was lain out for us appeared to me in a cloud that flashed right between us, above our heads. For the first three years I lived here, he remained employed here and I spent every moment I could get by with in his presence as he refurbished the vacant units. We spent our time talking and flirting and eating lunch and breathing each other's essence....the only thing I long to do. He has a girlfriend who he claims to love, (and he does on a human level) but his attraction to me was so unbearable that he quit working here to avoid being near me. (I believe was his reason.) I had an electrical emergency last weekend with my apartment that I wanted only his advice on because I trust him immensely...even with my life. He DID return my call, much to my surprise. Even though he would have others believe I am obsessed with him and that he wants nothing to do with me, he cannot help putting my emotional welfare and physical safety at the tip-top of his list of priorities. He is on his own Spiritual journey and is headed straight into the arms of God, and he is on a personal journey and is headed straight into the arms of THE ONE whom he is deeply in love with...all the way to his core (namely, me). . . Sharing this beautiful story is what I live for...next to living it, that is. God Bless you all."

"We met on an Internet friend finder site. We met after exchanging few e-mails and only one phone call. Neither of us had ever done anything that impulsive and risky in our lives, but we knew it was right. We are both married to people who have disliked who we are for a long time, but we are too conscientious to renege upon our responsibilities. I was a 40 year old scientist with an advanced degree. He was a 48 year old engineer in my field with an advanced degree. If this were a random meeting, the odds would be one in a gazillion. We met at a neutral place out in the open, and I felt like my soul was drawn to him through my eyes the second we made eye contact. He later said the same thing happened to him. Even though we were raised eight years and hundreds of miles away from each other...we had the same uniform number playing baseball as youth, the back buttons on our car radios are both broken, we've kept notes and find that we both awaken at the same times at night (we do not live together, of course), his eldest son was born within months of my first child miscarrying, our firstborn daughters have the same birth date, our sons had the same due date but were both premature, I lost my sister in the same month he lost his brother, I lost our nanny who raised us the same month he lost his father, on the same day a dolphin swam up to me (in a body of water in which I had never seen one) a pod swam up to him over a hundred miles away, I have a spot on my back that has itched for 6 years but nothing is there and he had a biopsy on that same spot on his back 6 years ago but it has never itched, we are both extremely empathetic, our Meyer-Briggs personality type is the same one but only 2% of the population has it. But the event that convinced us was last week. I have a special ring tone on my cell phone that it used for him alone. One morning at 4:30am, it woke me up but there was no call on my phone. I e-mailed him later to tell him about it. As soon as I hit SEND, I received an e-mail from him that he was writing at the exact same time I was writing. He was telling me that at around 4:15am he awoke and was wondering if I would answer my phone if he called that early. He imagined dialing my number as he visualized each number. There have been so many coincidences...events, thoughts, ideas, religious philosophies, etc. that we have no doubt that we are the mirror of the other. We aren't two halves of a whole although we feel as if we were carved from one block. We are two overlapping souls that easily meld into a more glorious one. Inasmuch as we can without disrupting the lives of our children, we love each other totally unconditionally. We are both ourselves with no pretense with each other. We have felt things with each other that we have never felt with another. We are both church-attending people with close relationships with God, but we cannot deny our link is psychic and beyond what we understand!"

"Please excuse me for not giving you personal information, as my twin spirit and I are a secret union (very unfortunately). Others know us as just friends. We are much more. We met when he was 49, I was 29. Our families are friends, both of us married to others. We were friends for 7 years, and recently became closer, realizing that we can feel each other's feelings and energy fields, and that we have telepathic connection as well, and that we inspire each other to be the best humans we can be. He is overcoming several addictions (no pressure from me, just spontaneously), and I am healing from lots of heartache and early hurt (I feel my heart is working for the first time ever). Physical intimacy is unbelievably spiritual, from hand-holding to everything else. We are committed to leaving our other unions intact for now, as disrupting them would damage too many people. We are just making each other's lives better, effortlessly, and the lives around us are becoming better without us trying. What an amazing union."

"Sorry, but for the moment I wish to remain anonymous so the name given is not my real name, I don't want to muck up my eventual reunion with my twin spirit. I am not ready yet to join with her but I would like to share a little of my continuing story. You see I met my twin spirit when I was about 7 or 8, she went to the same school as me, when I looked at her it was like I was looking at a part of myself. It was very weird and beyond words really. That is what I thought at the time and I have never forgotten it. Anyhow, just as she was coming to me destiny moved us apart and I have never seen her since, I am in my 30's now and I have not had a relationship with a woman (or man of course, I am hetero) because of choice and destiny (very long story), I know this is very unusual but I need to find myself again before I can be with anyone else. Anyhow, it is very tempting to try and contact her but I know I must find myself again first for the reunion to be what it should be. Anyhow, things lead me to believe that one day I may reunite with her, I can't imagine been with anyone else. I don't know that I should even be writing this as I rarely think about it because, the longing would be too painful."

"We first met in unexpected way. I am basically a spiritual person so had already decided not to get married anyways, that holds more true now. I just accepted offers of friendship with a person, which is unusual of me. As I am friendly to people in general. But, this time it was in the least expected manner. When I met him the first time, I felt that I was back to my true home. My work on this earth is finish and this was the last person who I was destined to meet spiritually. I felt strange completeness. Then afterwards, I felt strange spiritual connection and energy flow whenever I see in his eyes, I could sense his aura, synchronicity sometimes. It is akin to divine love after there are certain spiritual awakenings so strong that they have changed my life. I would love to share with him the gift he has gifted me. I always wished to be touched by inner world. It was through him I realized what oneness is all about. If there is any love greater and to work for it is love for God. But then there are certain common factors, we are from two different corner of the world, we have an age gap of 12 years; he is 43 and I am 31 this year, he is already committed which I respect and value and do not wish to hurt anyone. Knowing this both of have maintained a distance. We are still friends. But then I am not able to gather courage to say thanks to him and let him know what I have experienced. A spiritual gift. I sometimes feel I can sense his feelings, moods from far. But do not really want to scare him off. Sometimes I have uncanny dreams telepathically about him. Which till now he has said are not correct. But then I never had a face to face talk to know the reality. Spiritual connection is too strong, flow of positive energy helps to lift my soul higher. I guess that's what Twin souls are there for to help you to unite with your true divine self. I wish I could share this with him. Talk about it. But more than that able toovercome fears, time, space and age to sustain such a beautiful link with God which I think is mutually beneficial for both of us!"

"At work, same company, 500 km between. Physically we met just once. She taught me a few unforgettable lessons. Besides, since an endless amount of paranormal phenomena took place at the time (sometimes with witnesses), I don't believe anymore, but I already *know* there is a life beyond this life."

"We met in the end of February/beginning of March, 2006, three weeks after I walked away from my 10 year marriage. I was 35, he was 36. A friend introduced us because I needed a car and he had one for sale. I called and got his answering machine. The moment I heard his voice, I knew that I was in love with this person, it didn't matter what he looked like or what his story was. When he returned my phone call, he felt the same way about me immediately, but did not talk about it until weeks after he had moved from California to Ohio, four or five months after we met. Our relationship was mind blowingly blissful at first, and then became full of turmoil. We both have huge egos to overcome. The two biggest problems between us are, 1) we both have very strong and apparently rigid ego identities and we want to heal each other SO BADLY that we can't be near each other - his metaphor is that we are like two strong microphones that squeal with feedback when held too close together; 2) we both still hold deeply subconscious beliefs that we don't deserve this indescribable union. We have not spoken about this concept of ""deserving"" because we have different belief systems. He practices his form of Buddhism (which to me looks just like a Fundamentalist Christian only it's Buddhism), and I am quite a free spirit. He wants me to complete Buddhist training and I (in my equally rigid way) want him to be flexible, creative and live in childlike bliss. *sigh* So he lives in Ohio and I live in California. We don't communicate often because the experience still feels like pain. I don't like parts of how he treats me...and I'm learning how my own ego is creating all of that. Again, he has a different believe system, and it's hard for me to believe that we could come together if we are not on the same page (hmmm...can you see my defenses flaring?). I can see myself as a mother, he doesn't think that's a good idea, and the reason is that he believes we are both autistic. I do not believe we are autistic - he is not receptive to the perspective that we are healers and in being such, our perspective is different from mass consciousness. *another sigh* His pull on me is SO strong, and I can only guess it is the same for him. The hardest part for me is the pattern of control. We both have very difficult control issues to clear, and we trigger each other like crazy. So, I don't know how it will all go. I don't know. At one point he said to me that he has to leave and heal himself so that he can be with me. I agree and feel the same way. I believe we are both aware that we are on our respective healing paths. It is a grand and difficult experience to know he's there, to feel him, to know the love, and to let it take its course. To live my life with others and know he's there...and yet, at the same time, it is enormously comforting to know he's there. I vacillate between nearly unbearable sensations of love and anger. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything."

"Hi, Christopher and I met at my part time job, we met a week apart, we were both 39 years old, meeting him has completely change my life, everyday there is a smile even when things are not so wonderful around me, I would be thinking of him and he calls, vice versa with him. When we met we instantly felt something familiar, for me it was since I was a child I use to see in my dreams the face of a man with blue eyes and a series of events such as war, a medieval bar, French renaissance, in which he was always in. He felt the same way after we started dating we would talk about how so familiar we were with each other, we would finish each others sentence, we love the same type of music, (classical piano being one of them), we started talking about our dreams in the past, he remembers being a soldier in a civil war, I remember a soldier in blue uniform with a sword...everything is so familiar, Well, we feel so comfortable with each other and were from totally different nationalities, but our ancestry is the same. I can go on for ever about our story, we both felt we new each other. Our lives have been so similar we sometimes even have deja vu at the same time. It's a wonderful feeling."

"We met in June 1994, a few months before I was scheduled to get married in Nov. 1994. It was after midnight at the bus terminal we were waiting for the bus to go home. We both worked the graveyard shift. We got into a conversation and he told me he was from AL, the same place my mom was from, and it was funny he was going through a divorce & I was about to get married. Anyway, he saw my ring and suggested that I wouldn't give him my number and I told him he was wrong that I would that we could be friends. Well, we kept in touch, he came over a lot at night, I confided in him about my then fiancée who was getting on my nerves. That Dec. 1994, I asked my mom to lie and say he was a friend of the family so that he could come to the Christmas party. She did it. As the years went by, we kept in contact via phone or letters (military). Anyway, in 2003, I had received a letter from him that he was in London. By the time I answered back he had moved. Every so often I would write him and letters would come back. Well, in April 2005, Ii had moved and was going through some mail and I read his letters & realized that he said he loved me, etc. Ii didn't notice this before. Well, I realized that I loved him so I began searching for him. I sent letters to all the addresses I had including notifying the military. Finally, this catalog I had had this book "Find Anyone Anywhere." I thought maybe I'll buy this book. Well, the next day I said to myself let me Google this book and see if it's worth buying. Well, when I put it in the search, one interesting Web page came up. So, I clicked on it and there was a space to either type an address or a phone #. Well, I had this one address written down and put that address in and got a number. WOW, IT WAS HIS HOME! Well, it gets better. We hadn't seen each other in 12 years and he was due to come to NY that following Friday for the fleet week. Needless to say, we talked about the letters. I confessed that I was in love with him too and we made passionate love for 2 weeks. This was in May, 2006 and we still keep in contact to this day. I plan to relocate to his town in the future. but I know one thing for sure, our love is real, nothing like the man I married and left in 1999."   

It appears that some twin spirits meet at a time well before they are ready for each other, as the next few stories seems to show.

"I have been married to someone for 7 years now. For the last few years, the marriage has been more of a friendship and I don't love her and was looking for a way out. Along came my twin flame. She was a friend of a friend and I picked her up at the airport. There was an instant peace in my heart and hers. Over the next few weeks, so many things happened that allowed us to talk together. We knew we were twin souls. After 3 to 4 weeks, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our life together. Nothing happened, just talking. She moved out quickly and we decided not to talk for 5 or 6 months until I separated from my wife and settle all my issues. After all my issues are settled we will get back together. At one point last week, I was riding my motorbike downtown. I was thinking about her and then there she was. In a city of 500,000 people I see her. She said she was thinking about me, and then saw me too. I am since moving out and am waiting until the right time to contact her again (everything in Gods time). I do know I want to spend forever with her (and she wants the same). I will be patient and see what happens"

“I met my twin two years ago but I am married to a soul mate that I cannot desert. Meanwhile, my twin and I have done nothing to make it work because his ego is ENORMOUS. We are completely on the opposite ends of the scale. He is a thug and I am a professional but we both know it is twin soulship due to the intensity, the visions and the dreams we share. Resisting each other doesn't work. To my disbelief, since I am a High Priestess of the Goddess Religion, I am faced with an enormous challenge with my twin who is a painter but cannot get over his incredibly enormous ego. We met because he is my husband's second cousin and universal events brought us together. I am afraid that the universe will tear us completely apart if he doesn't smarten up. He has been nothing but foolish since our joining and we've only met once for a brief time. He is twenty years older and cannot believe that a younger woman could have a hold on him. To make matters worse, we live on opposite ends of the planet and our fights are mainly through dreams and feelings. He is busy playing stupid little games and I do not know how to approach the situation anymore except that I am reaching within myself to the Holy Goddess who is my anchor...the Lady I adore. In the two and a half years since we met, we've done nothing but hurt each other...we are both trying to avoid the feelings and move on with life. He is completely immersed in feelings of jealousy (because of my husband), idiocies, pride, and anger. At this point after much suffering, I have stopped the flow of energy from me to him because I have been hurt too much. So if you have no obstacles to your twin relationship, consider yourself very lucky. Our job is to bring the Divine Feminine back into the world...but he is playing stupid games and we don't even talk! He doesn't want to admit that he needs me to explain this situation to him. In this case, I believe that we do not deserve this absolutely beautiful union, a gift from the Great Mother. I am in utter disbelief at such incredible foolishness. We are both at two different levels. He has no clue about anything but the material world and I am intensely spiritual. His foolish behavior is an insult to the Goddess. There is no doubt that a twin does change your life and beneath all this nonsense is incredibly deep love, but it is seriously drowning beneath the stupidity of the ego. Twin souls are not always joyful events as people make it seem. They are the testers of the soul and the honor of the soul. I cannot say that I have not learned a great deal from this, but the pain has been unbearable. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.”

"I met him recently. Ever since I met him, my intuition has been restored. When I trust my intuition, I am happy. When I don't trust myself, I'm unhappy and confused. He has changed me in so many ways. The change has been positive. He makes me feel alive. He has restored my spirit and my soul. I feel that we are destined for each other but he doesn't believe it. I feel so sad because I understand that he isn't ready yet. We are friends but we have this incredible chemistry. I tried to forget him. I tried to stay away from him but I just can't. He already owns my heart and I don't even understand why. There have been so many amazing coincidences and synchronicities that have happened in my life ever since he came along. I am leaving for another country. I'm afraid that we're running out of time. I feel that I am here to help heal him and to love him unconditionally. I could never explain why I understand him and care for him. And yes, we sometimes think of the same things. We don't finish each other's sentences but he steals my thoughts and I steal his. I will never forget him for as long as I live."

"A few months ago I took an important step, taking an art workshop as my first commitment to restarting my art career. The teacher, who began his art career the same exact year I put mine aside (it feels like we are a relay team) has become my art mentor and beloved friend, primarily by e-mail, as we live at a distance and are both happily married. The feelings between us are remarkably strong. Though he is conventional and an evangelical Christian, and I a Universalist, we have had an ongoing intense e-mail dialogue about our beliefs and values, as though we both crave to get on the same page. We have helped each other grow spiritually, and artistically, our differences supporting each other. We pray for each other regularly, and he has said he wishes to be my friend for eternity, as I have said to him. Our whole relationship is really about helping each other to understand and serve God through our shared mission of inspirational art. For me there is a definite romantic, sexual, energetic component to it; the mere passing thought of him often sending me into intense thrills and overwhelming feelings that I can only think are kundalini arising. Finally, I decided to tell him what I suspected from the first or second week after we met: that we are twin souls. It took a lot of courage. He, being the loyal Christian husband, professes that he is in the only romantic relationship he ever wishes to have, yet I am as precious to him as any sister could be. In my deeper intuitive moments, seeking wisdom about this intense and unexpected relationship, I have had the sense that we will be together in about ten years when the timing is right and we are, presumably, single. A psychic confirmed this and that we are connected at the heart and have been together for a very, very long time. When I was about 15, I asked God whom I would marry, his name, and the name I heard was identical to his first name and very similar to his last name. I also sculpted a man's head about that time with similar features. Part of me is skeptical, always retains an ""unknowing"" about these things (as does he, formerly a scientist), but the inner, psychic part of me feels deeply that we are deeply connected in our souls and WILL be together physically. Meanwhile we are making plans to teach together and I suspect we will write a book together. It is tricky, because of our marriages, and I hate not telling my husband what is going on, but I know it would hurt him. So I underplay things when I discuss this man. My longing has been intense, sometimes painful, but usually joyous. I feel like the whole thing is a lesson is divine timing, following God's will, supporting each other unconditionally in our spiritual growth, and yet each of us needing to advance a bit further before it is right for us to be together. We both have our moons in Cancer, and the relationship is very inward, very intuitive, very soulful. He says things like, "I know your heart," and I reply "you do." I long to call him "my darling," "dear beloved," but so far we have settled upon "my dear," "dear brother" and so on. Communicating primarily by e-mail has been good, however, in that it's like writing a journal to oneself, and we say things we would no doubt have never said had we lived in the same town and just talked now and then. My biggest challenge is, do I pin my hopes on this future "what if" or do I just let it go and let God? I try to choose the latter. When I drift into the former, I see that it's possible my heart could be broken; I could easily lose myself in him and in hopes of being with him. So that is my ongoing challenge for now. Best wishes to all who share a similar challenge. And to all beings, may Love guide the way."

"I met a "near twin" before meeting my true Twin Flame. The near twin knew what was around the corner for me, and stayed at a distance while guiding me out of a loveless marriage and into the path of my Twin Flame. When we met in Oct. of 02, I was 34 and he was 24. We knew the instant we made eye contact, in fact, before we spoke or made eye contact. He was in a a dysfunctional relationship with a woman who he has been living with for years. Although he "loves" her, he could not resist the powerful connection and attraction we share. Things got steamy a few times, but he backed off because of the guilt. It has been about 2 or three years since we came in physical contact, and he avoids me at all costs; knowing the magnetism between us draws us back into each others arms. He always said negative things to me to push me away, but I have recently learned that to others, he speaks highly of me and has admitted that the relationship with his girlfriend is one of attachment, not love. I have been informed by his and my collective Higher Self that his progress is rapid and ahead of schedule, and that within two years he will have detached from her and will be a bachelor for a short time before being prepared to be in a Twin Flame relationship towards which he and I are destined."   


"I met my twin about 17 years ago when I went to work in a truck stop. From the moment I met him, I was dumbstruck. I am a shy and reserved person so we didn't talk much except for thank you and come again to him and his trucking buddy. Months went by with just those words between us because he was married and I had a boyfriend then. One day his buddy came in without him. When I was talking to a coworker, his friend listened to the comment my coworker said and got into the conversation, then asked my coworker out. He then looked at me and asked me to come out too and he would fix me up. Down deep, I knew who with and I knew it was wrong but I said OK. When my twin came home from his vacation, his buddy told him he fixed him up on a date. He said who with and he was told April from the truck stop. He told me later that he just looked at him and said all right but was thrilled at the prospect of getting to know me. So, we went on our date and found we could really talk to one another just like old friends, like we had always been together. One date turned in to many dates and before we knew it we had been seeing each other for 2 and a half years. Then I started feeling him pulling away from me. I knew the relationship was starting to come to an end and I was devastated but didn't let on to him that I knew anything of the sort. Then, one day, he just stopped coming around for about 2 months. I didn't hear from him but I could feel him with me all the time. I missed him so much but tried to go on and said to myself its just not meant to be. Then he called and we talked for over 2 hours on the phone. He told me that he thought of me constantly and kept telling his buddy well its been X amount of days since I've talked or been with April. We met up again one more time. I knew it would be the last time but I wanted to make it all right for him and didn't say anything to him about how I felt and we went our separate ways. I got married a few months later to a man I met and got pregnant by I knew I shouldn't have married him. I didn't really know him but I didn't want to be alone and with a baby. I thought of him constantly even while making love to my husband. I couldn't stop. Not a day went by I didn't think of him but I kept on with my marriage, even though we were complete opposites and fought a lot. Eleven years went by and one day I couldn't get my twin out of my head. For weeks I thought of him constantly. A voice in my head told me to write him but I didn't have his address and what if he was married. I wrestled with writing him for weeks. Then, one day I thought write him in care of his job work so I sent a small letter to him hoping he still had the same job and that he wanted to talk to me. I gave my e-mail address in the letter and waited. I kept saying to myself, if it's meant to be it will be. Three days later I got an e-mail from him telling me that he remembered me and how the times we spent together were the best times in his life and that he had never forgotten me and thought of me just about every day. He still worked for the same company but now he was working in the yard and wasn't out on the road anymore, but we could talk on the phone and IM.each other. Then, one day my husband comes home unexpectedly from work, as he had just left to work, and tells me they closed the doors and he was out of a job and that he was going right then to an agency to find another and he left. Usually I get really scared when there is a major bump in the road, and him losing his job was a major bump, because I wasn't working. There was no money coming in but that feeling never came. I had this overwhelming calm that didn't go away. About an hour later my husband comes home and tells me he is going to Iraq. I said, no you're not. He looks at me and says, yes I am, and you have no say in the matter. From that moment on I kept my mouth shut. I wasn't going to change his mind. He had it made up so after a couple of months of e-mailing my twin, and helping my husband go on his new adventure, my husband got a date to leave. A few days after he got his date to leave, my twin says to me, hey I have a way to come and see you. Can you meet me somehow? I asked him when and he gave me the date. It was a week after my husband left so we made plans to see each other, met up, and had a wonderful meeting. After not seeing each other for so many years, it was like we had never been apart. There had been no sex as he had just had prostate surgery but there was a lot of hugging and holding and that had been enough for us. We talked on the computer almost everyday and on the phone for about a year. Then, he almost got caught IMing me by his adult son. He e-mailed me later and told me he didn't know if he had caught him or not but we had to cool it for awhile again. I knew it wouldn't be just awhile but I respected his decision. He told me we could e-mail each other but that had to be it. I said fine and that's what we did only it wasn't like it was before. I got an e-mail maybe once a month from him. He got some at first everyday then slowly over another year it got down to once a month for me too. I hated e-mailing him and not hearing from him as much and besides he had told me he and his wife were going to marriage counseling so I backed off and stopped e-mailing unless I heard from him then I would email back. We both avoided saying I love you at the end of our e-mails and decided we could just be friends but it wasn't working for me and I knew it wasn't for him either, but we kept up the ruse for each other. Then, I found out my husband was and had been cheating on me overseas since about 6 months after he left and I didn't care. I thought, fine its over but not till he comes home. I want him home to tell me face to face he had been cheating. He didn't know I knew and I was going to hit him with it when he got back home but he wouldn't come home on leave. I confided it to my twin and he wrote back saying he knew I'd be telling him that sooner or later. Still our correspondence was only just once a month or so. That went on for a year. Then, one day he asked me for my phone # again because he would like to talk to me just to hear my voice. So, I gave it. He didn't call for quite awhile. Then, one day I got a call. We talked about nothing in general but it felt so good talking to him. He had told me he had heard that they might be getting rid of his job at the site and if that happened he would be back out on the road but that it was only rumors, but I knew deep down that it was going to happen. I just didn't know when he had asked me what I was doing over the holiday that his wife was going to be gone for the weekend. I said nothing so he asked me to meet him. I said I would and we started making plans on where and when. I was thrilled and I felt a pulling in my heart and stomach. It was wonderful. Then, I got the money my husband sends home for me and our kids. He only sent me $347.00 to live on for the month. I e-mailed my husband and asked him what was going on and he e-mailed me back telling me he wanted a divorce that he had found someone else and she was pregnant. Shot down, I e-mailed my twin and told him I couldn't come. I told him the story and he says, April I will get closer and I will pay for the trip if you truly want to come. I told him I did but didn't feel right taking his money. He said, don't worry, I'll pay for it all, just PLEASE come. I did and the whole weekend was perfect. We talked, laughed, loved, but still no sex. He couldn't because of having his prostate removed but that didn't matter to me or him as long as we were together. After the holiday, we both went back to our homes, he with his wife and me with my kids. His wife got back from her excursion and the unthinkable happened. She somehow found out about me. We thought we were so careful and I still think we were but she still found out and she called my # but didn't tell me who she was, she just asked for someone. I said wrong # and she hung up. I looked at the #on my phone and I knew it had been her. My twin called me the next day to tell me she found out but she gave 2 different stories about how she found out, but don't answer my phone if she called. I told him she already had. We were in trouble and we both knew it. I didn't want to be the cause for divorce but I still wanted him. I said nothing. The next day I heard from her. I kept hanging up on her and called him every time she called. Then he called me and told me she wanted to talk to me. I knew I had to so I asked him what did you tell her. He told me. I asked him, do you want me to talk to her? He said it was up to me. So, I called her and let her vent on me without a word. I knew it was wrong to be with him while he was married but I just couldn't stop. She asked me questions and I answered, tearing my heart out a bit more with every answer I gave her, but I had to protect him. I wouldn't have him hurt. Then, she hung up and I called him and told him we had talked and I hoped I had helped his situation. He didn't sound thrilled that I had helped him with her. Then, I asked do you want to stop with me? I understand. He said no. I can't bare the thought we still talk and see each other but now he slips up quite a bit almost as if he wants to be caught again. I know she knows something isn't right about what we both told her and she lashes out at him and he either takes it or pouts. I know we are about to have each other but I know it has to be his decision to leave. I want no other in my life if I cant have him. I will be alone for the rest of my life but I wont push him one way or another. I feel like an empty void without him and he says the same and how hard it is to leave me and how much harder it is each time. We feel so much of what the other is feeling and many times I know what he is thinking and he does me. I know our time is close and I am readying for our future as I write this......"   

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